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Research Aide Horticulture

  2020-05-28     University of Idaho     Parma Research and Extension Center of University of Idaho, 29603 U of I Lane     $15.23 per hour or higher depending on experience   

Research Aide Horticulture - Orchard Technician/Manager

Position Location: University of Idaho Orchard, Parma Research and Extension Center

Position Summary

The incumbent will work under supervision of Director of Pomology and Viticulture Program (PVP) at the University of Idaho Parma Research and Extension Center. The individual will be responsible for all cultural practices, including calculations of chemicals, preparation and application of pesticide, fungicides, and herbicides in timely fashion while following safety measures, according to available spray models and in consultation with specialists. The incumbent will assist in various aspects of fruit crop research, including but not limited to: irrigation, spraying, fertilizer applications, design of experiments in orchard and vineyard layouts, analysis, collection, and review of research samples and data in the field or Pomology laboratory, in support of physiology and production of fruit crops at the Parma Research and Extension Center and at off-site cooperative growers under the supervision of PVP Director. In consultation with PVP Director, the incumbent will hire and train workers from independent licensed contractors, teach workers safety requirements, work with and supervise the workers in all cultural practices, including but limited to: planting, installing support and irrigation systems, training and pruning trees and vines, thinning, and harvesting. The incumbent will also work closely with employees and other technicians, staff, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scientists and co-workers in a team effort. The incumbent will also perform farming and maintenance duties of various orchard/vineyard machinery and tools, operation of irrigation wells and minor repair of the irrigation well, and repair and maintenance of tractors and orchard vehicles.


Job Duties/Responsibilities:

-Assist in Research Data Collection, Statistical Data Analysis, and Laboratory Research by:

- Assisting in the design of experiments by choosing appropriate orchard and vineyard layouts and sampling techniques and conducting a range of experiments in various research aspects in orchards and vineyards at the U of I site or in commercial cooperative grower locations.
- Accurately tagging trees and vines; collecting, chemically analyzing and checking research samples and research data in the field and laboratory; repairing and maintaining laboratory and research equipment; assisting in presentations and research information dissemination at workshops, tours and seminars.
- Assisting in data entry, statistical analysis of data, summarization, and report and manuscript preparation.

Control Weeds, Pests, & Diseases by:

- Safely using appropriate approved measure and consistent with labels, the incumbent is responsible for calculations, preparation, and application of various chemicals for insect, disease, pathogen, bird, and rodent control and responsible for chemical recommendations, calibration of equipment, and application of fertilizer and chemicals either by hand or by field sprayers while maintaining accurate application records. The incumbent is required to keep their Idaho Applicators’ License up-to-date and participate in certain safety and educational classes.

Contribute to Orchard, Vineyard, and Storage Operations, Recruiting and Cooperation with labor/educational team by:

- Performing work including using hand and tractor driven equipment for cultivating, fertilizing, planting, irrigating, preparing, pruning and training of trees and vines; thinning, harvesting, installing bird nets, experimental use of materials for pest and disease control and growth regulator applications and storing fruit crops.
- Checking and monitoring fruit cold storage temperatures. Cleaning fruit containers before use.
- Recruiting employees, volunteers, clientele and independent contractors.
- Supervising, cooperating with, and assisting other technicians, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students in doing routine jobs and doing related duties.

Maintain Safe and Clean Working Environment Including Orchard and Vineyards, Tools, Orchard Buildings, Laboratory, Equipment, Roadways, and Fences by:

- Performing mechanical maintenance and repairs on farm machinery including tractors, tillage, spray equipment, irrigation parts and equipment, harvesting equipment, vehicles, pumps, compressors and tools.
- Performing routine maintenance; hauling trash and garbage from buildings, shop, farm, laboratory; disposing of crop residue; painting and making general repairs; repairing and cleaning irrigation equipment; snow removal; and fence building; creation of fire-prevention zone in the orchards and vineyards.

Contribute to Team Effort by:

- Advising and instructing commercial growers and individuals on basic cultural practices.
- Assisting the Program Director in preparations of presentations.

Required Qualifications

Education: High School Diploma, GED or equivalent

• Following pre-established procedures or protocols
• Keeping complete and accurate records
• Using a computer to enter and retrieve data
• Working in a team environment

Preferred Qualifications

Education: B.S degree

Experience in: operation and maintenance of a variety of laboratory equipment and methodologies in agricultural crop production, the safe use of electrical and hand operated shop tools, and Good Laboratory Practice Standards (GLPS) and their application.

Three years experience in agricultural crop production.

Thorough knowledge of methods used in irrigation systems and practices.

Knowledge of: agricultural chemicals and their safe use; laboratory chemicals and their safe use.

Physical Requirements & Working Conditions

Ability to work in adverse environmental conditions and to carry, lift or otherwise move items of at least 50 pounds. Must possess flexibility to work odd hours.

Willingness and Ability to: work odd and irregular hours, including occasional weekends and holidays; travel between several locations.

Must possess a valid Idaho Drivers License.

Must posses a Private Applicators License, Professional Applicators License, and/or Chemigation or be willing to obtain one within 6 months.

Degree RequirementN/A: No degree requirement

Required Documents

  1. Resume/CV
  2. Cover Letter/Letter of Application

Posting Date: 05/12/2020

Closing Date: 05/27/2020

Open Until Filled: No

Applicant must apply through website. Apply online at the following website:
For more information call: Dr. Essie Fallahi; 208 880 8088  

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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